Wilderness Discovery


Are you looking to make a donation?

Wilderness Discovery is currently seeking open support with restoring and developing the infrastructure of our campground, as well as achieving our goals in order to maintain our mandate with local communities and Ontario abroad as we set out to do in the spring of 2017.

Freeway Project

Project Goal: Modernize the Freeway utilizing long-lasting, durable composite.

At Wilderness Discovery, we are proud to be able to provide clients with access to and from the beach. Over the years, weather and rot has damaged our Freeway Ramp System.

Cabin Refurbishment Project

Project Goal: Refurbish and restore all Cabins in order to increase functionality and comfortability for our Guests.

In Spring 2017, Wilderness Discovery began renovations in order to update the infrastructure, increase functionality, and improve overall aesthetics of the Cabins our guests make home to. This also included designing and building new outbuildings in order to more effectively maintain the property.