Wilderness Discovery

Our Partners


HAGI currently facilitates our Subsidized Camping Program at Wilderness Discovery. HAGI has played an integral role in the support and development of Wilderness Discovery by providing unique opportunities to our clients as well as acting as a key ambassador for the program and organization.


Rotary Clubs of Thunder Bay

This sign is mounted on the wall of Cabin 4 in recognition of the long term support of the local rotary clubs of Thunder Bay: Fort William Rotary ClubLakehead Rotary ClubNipigon Rotary Club, and the Port Arthur Rotary Club.


Kiwanis Club of Westfort

Thank you to the Kiwanis Club for your continued support! Kiwanis Club currently is represented on our Board of Directors.


Hill City Kinsmen

Thank you the Hill City Kinsmen for your continued support. Hill city Kinsmen is represented on our Board of Directors.


Fort City Kinettes

Thank you the Fort City Kinettes for your continued support. Fort City Kinettes is represented on our Board of Directors.

Fort City Kinettes Facebook Page